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Kolam, Indrayani, Ambe Mohar etc

Premium quality Rice collection

Special, yes! its really special! Wada / Surati Kolam, Ambemohar, Indrayani (Tukada / Whole), Basmati , Idli Rice. Rice are screen and clean, its Grade A quality. These are avaiable elsewhere in singapore but not the quality and price we sell. !
Do let us know if your favourite rice is not here!

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bhagirathi wheat khapali jwari ragi bhakari flour

Natural stone ground Flours

100% natural stone used for grinding, that's give aroma and texture same as back in home in india. More than 20 variety of flours, starting form wheat, khapali, bhakari, rice, jwari, ragi, bhagar, malvani vade, ghavane, metkut, dangar, khapali and many more !

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farsan chivda shev poha kachori chakali

Namkeens, Snacks, Tea time muhcing

More than 70 snacks product. Assorted collection of namkeens, selected from best suppliers using good quality raw material to prepare the snacks!.
Namkeens, Nashik Chivda, Chakali, Farsan, Mixure, Sev, Gathiya, Bakharwadi, Rajgeera Laddoo, Sesame Laddoo, Chikki, Khakras, Chrisp, Wafers, soya sticks, potato chips, rajgeera laddo for fasting, ragi khakra, jeera khakara, gol gappa pani puri diet khakra, samosa, besan laddo, shev, bhajani chakali, nylon shev, surati gathiya, ratlam shev, mora shev, mahalakshmi poga chivada, seasame til laadoo, halwa, bharuchi , mahabaleshwar chana, pani pui shev puri papadi, fafda, kachori kharwas

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pules grains peanuts sago

Grain , Pulses, Peanuts, Sago, Ragi etc

All our grains are from india, and most of them are from north part of india. These grains cook consistently. some of the products like broad bean (वाल), Moth bean (मटकी), मूंग, चवळी are directly from farmers (raw and un-processed).

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masala goda kala kanda lasun ghati misal kolhapuri pav bhaji

Spice Powder - Masalas- Kanda Lasun, Beydgi, Goda Masala

Most of the spices are imported by us are made per request so they are authenticate. They are different than tradional machine made spices.
Range is wide and price is reasonable, Tuermeric Powder, Red Mix Masala, Koli , Malvani, Goda ,Kala ,Misal and Kanda Lasun Masala is our speciality. There are other spices powder such as Pavbhaji, Paneer, Pani Puri

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khada masala garam clove cardamom chilli bedgi

Dry Spices - Khada Masala

Dry spices brings differnt tadka to your food wheather it is dry red chilies, Fenugreek, mustard, cumin, coriander, black pepper or fennel seeds. They must be authenticate then only your food will have natural aroma during cooking and after serving the food.

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handmade vinegar-free pickle thecha from kokan

Pickles, Sauces, Chutney and Ketchups

We are very sure, you will like it. Some of the pickles we bought are straight from Konkan. Mango pickel is made from green alphonose mango and not ordinary mango. Pickels are matured using homemade method and not with any preservatives. Not many but most popular Mango, Chilli and Lime Pickle to enrich taste of your meal.

Kairee, Sweet / Spicy Lime, Fodni (tadka) Mirchi Pickle, Muraba, Thecha

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a2 ghee pure cow ghee ground nut oil

Edible Oil & A2 Ghee

Range of oil such as Refined Subnflower, Filter Ground Nut oil, Sesame, Mustard, Rice bran, Coconut oil, We do have butter free ghee and vedic organic ghee as well. Only limited but best brands of oils and ghee.

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poha jaggery suji maida kurmura corn

Kitchen Extra - Poha Suji, Sweets, Honey

List of products to add extra taste in your recipe or have a quick breakfast like Honey, Ghee, Instant Mixes, Kheer/Gulab Jamun, Cuppa Poha.
Rose , kewara water, red poha, jwari / ragi lahi, ketchup,

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Biscuit, Cookies, Rusk, Khari, Jeeta Butter

A unique collection of the biscuits, khari, toast, jeera butter, nankatai, wafers, cookies for both adults and children. When it's snack time help yourself with items from this category. Whole grain rusk, ragi biscuit, bourn bourn, choco, maskta chaska, wafers, good day, fifty, marie gold, digestive.

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Beverage, Crush, Cordial & Juice

Mala's food products are known for Natural Taste. Crush Cordial and Squash are made from real fruit pulp and it contents chunks of fruit. You can make upto 12-15 glasses of fresh drinks by mixing it with chilled water, milk or soda from one bottle of 750ml.

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Tea, Cofee & Beverage Powder

Every country has its own taste of tea and coffee. We understanad that so we import most famous brand for you.

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Papad & Crisp (Ready to fry)

Variety of Papad, Crisps that includes machine made / hand made / home made ready to Papad. फेनी, कुरडई, पापड, चिकवडी, सांडगी मिरची, मिरगुंड

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Dry Fruits

Premium quality dry fruits. They are specially selected for export ehnce no comparison of the quality and price. Black / Yellow manuka (kismis), charoli, etc.

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Soap and Detergent

Range of popular products for bathe, washing cloth/appliances, cleaning floor. Most popular soap cake, detergent powders, silver polish, copper cleaner etc.

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Dairy Products

For now, we are not ready to import dairy products from india due to some regulations. However, we have got alternative for your. Amulk Milk, Butter, Curd is avaiable at our store from local singapore supplier.

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Kitchen Appliance

We still missed kithcen utensils from india such as curvy knief, Pakkad (Tong), spoons, kadhai, mixer, cooker etc. WE got it form you from india, again! at reasonable price.

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You will find daily household items in this category like Indian Broom, Vessel / Jug, Tupperware, Chatai (Wire mat), Bed sheets, cleaning mopping accessories, tissues, kalnirnay (calendar), chatai, mandir, kailash jeevan, chyavn prash, decoration lights etc.

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Fruit & Vegetable

Some local market Vegetable. however, soon we will be getting native Vegetables from india. at the moment, due to very high air freight, it is not worth of importing vegetable . So we are waiting for rates to go down. We will keep you posted.

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opper jug glass bottle

Copper Appliances

We have nice collection of copper appliances at reasonable price. copper bottle, copper jug, copper glass, copper water dispensar, Puja items (tamhan, panch patri, gadu, pali)..

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Puja and Festival Items

We help you to celebrate your culture as much as possible. we import shree ganesha idols (eco-friendly), holy organic colours, gudhi, batasha, rangoli colours and many more. We do import designer altars for afffordable price.
We bring stuffs for most of the festivals, Eco friendly shree ganesh idols, hartalika gauri mask, gudhi for padwa, herbal colours for holi, sugad madaki for sankrant, zhula palna for krishna janm, tulas for diwali, calender for new year, altar for pongal, LED lights decoration material for party.

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Craft and Gift

Greet with gift, we have selected items to gift on any occasion. Some of them are handmade. there are door / wall / floor stickers, toran, artifical flowers, marigold garland.

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Eco Friednly Fire Clay Made Shree Ganesh Idol

Celebrate this Ganesh festival at your home with eco friendly Ganesh Idol. Beautiful and pleasant Ganesh Murti’s are Made from clay (शाडू माती) available for you in Singapore.
The ethnic Bappa Murti’s are carved by the fine artists from Pen, Maharashtra, a well-known location India for Ganesh Idol.
Clay (शाडू) made Idols are easy to dissolve in the water, Available in 9, 10, 12, 15, 18 , 21 and 24 inch (high) sizes. Also Buy: Puja Kit, कंठी, पाट, मखर (decoration items), मोदक साचा (mould), मोदक पीठ, Rangoli & colours

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